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Work - Mentawai

MTW-Project main objective is to gather and share information about Life Cycles interactions on Earth.

How? Through documentaries about Tribes Life with the support of scientists covering different fields of work (Anthropologist, botanist, zoologist, oceanographer, geologist and geographer)

Why? Because we know that today we have issues with our modern ways of living. Our planet can’t sustain a society based on consumption. In 2018, from the 1st of August, we have used more natural resources than nature can regenerate in a year and we emitted more carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere than ecosystems can absorb.

To progressively adapt ourselves to provide a Tomorrow to mankind, at MTW-Project, we want to give you the tools to reestablish the balance between human and Nature.

You will then ask, what tools? Knowledge, this is our strongest tool, knowledge gives us the power to understand. From this point we can make better decisions.

When? We plan to start our Crowdfunding campaign the 6th November 2018. We will use Kickstarter. The campaign will last only a month. So be ready to support us! Subscribe to our newsletter and you follow us on Facebook to be ready on the day!

If the campaign is successful we will shoot our first documentary “In the Flower Man’s footsteps”, in March 2019. It will be based on a Mentawai Tribe called “Flower Men” they are living on Siberut Island in Sumatra West.

How much do you need? To finance this one-hour long documentary we need 85 000 Euro. To understand the budget, go to the Expedition page.

How can you help us? Nothing easier! Go on our Kickstarter page. Choose the donation you want to make and pay online

  • Create a community

Why a community? Because MTW-Project is the project for us all. This is the link between people who want to exchange good practices to preserve Nature and useful information about Life Cycles interactions.

We will set up specific work group monthly and you will share information. Organised as a forum, an expert will follow the exchange and make a summary of the information. This expert will then highlight the potential missing information in the Life Cycle interactions to give new perspectives, objectives to achieve.

  • Study Life Cycles interactions

The documentaries we plan to make will talk about interactions between Life Cycles.

Let’s start with a definition of a Life Cycle: “A series of stages, as childhood and middle age, that characterize the course of existence of an individual, group, or culture”

We want to explain the interactions between, vegetal, animal, human and cultural life cycles.

Why studying Life Cycles interactions? We believe that, if we understand Life Cycles interactions we can then understand the impact of our actions. Before starting any project, we can assess better the situation and act in consequence. This is changing our vision and making us create with an improved perception of life. To conclude we are strengthening our relationship with Nature. We think it is crucial in a world mostly based in the city.

  • Share experiences of Hybrid societies

We would like to share information about persons that are trying to adapt new concepts to their lifestyles. They change their consumption into healthy ways of living. Healthy in the sense that they use what they need, they reuse or repair what is broken, they grow part of their food, they stop completely or partially to generate waste, they take the time to feel.

It’s not healthy to ask for more when we already have everything we need. So, the goal is to regain the respect in the things we use, produce, consume.

Then we regain the respect for ourselves, by eating food we are proud of, we take the time to eat. It is not a task only, it is an enjoyable moment.

We regain the respect for what we produce, we create relationship between us and the materials we use.

We regain the people respect and, we respect each other. Because we take the time to exchange with them. We take the time to live with them. They are important to our eyes.