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Story - Mentawai

June 2014, Taghazout beach, Morocco.

Morgan and Lazar are talking about dirtiness of the area, plastic bags, rubbish everywhere on the beach and floating on the ocean.

Morgan printed some T-shirts with a logo he designed. Lazar thinks that they should print T-Shirts in organic cotton to start preservation project with the funds collected.

Morgan say “Deal! Once I’m back in France I design another logo”. That’s how he creates a logo and a brand name “Moana”


Morgan had the feeling that it wasn’t enough to sell T-Shirts to then preserve the environment. It has to be something different.


In 2015, he spend few months in Australia where he surfs with Peter that he met in Morocco. Peter is a local of the “Great Ocean Road”, he is surfing there since more than 50 years. Morgan learn how to surf and develop his respect for Nature. Why not making “Moana” a surf brand?

In 2016, Morgan leave for the Sultanate of Oman, he decides to use his free time to build wooden skateboards and surfboards. He builds few few skates and only one surfboard. Hard work but worth the challenge, he likes the woodwork.

At the same time, he is in touch with his cousin, Carole, which lives in Siberut in the Mentawai Islands. She’s talking about the link with nature, the beliefs of the flower men. Morgan do some research about these tribes and feels irresistibly attracted   by them.

The flower men are such a perfect explanation for his project that he name it Mentawai. Later, he works with a french designer on the logo and together they create the actual logo. MTW-Project is born.

In September 2016, Morgan go in Arugam bay, Sri Lanka. He meets Sathira who avoid him to miss his flight. Sathirahas a project called “Dronecam Aerials”, he is taking aerial shots with a drone of different places around Sri Lanka to make them discover to his compatriots. The aim is to communicate about Sri Lankan culture, on the wealth of Nature and the importance of preserving it.

After few months, Morgan contact Sathira to share his idea of making a documentary about the flower men tribe. Sathira accept and they prepare together the project.


In 10 years of travelling Morgan realize that he has developed an international network of amazing people. Traveller, dreamer which have the same wish, being able to share what they have seen of the nature with the next generations. He contact them and form the core of MTW-Project, meet them in the Team page.