“In the Flower Man’s footsteps” is a Documentary that will take place in the Mentawai Islands of Sumatra in Indonesia.

Several shots will be taken on the mainland of Indonesia and few Interviews will be shot overseas.

Most of the shots will be taken on Siberut Island.

The provisional length is 1 hour and we will show Life of the tribe called “Flower Men”.

Different aspect of their life will be studied and with the support of Anthropologist, Oceanographer, Geologist, Geographer, Zoologist we will analyse Life cycles interactions.

Our goal is to produce a Documentary that provides you an interactive reporting and determining key insights from the Tribes people life. Thanks to this Data we will be able to explain Life Cycles interactions.

As we are making a Documentary the accessibility of the dialog will allow everyone to follow. However, you would be able to deepen your knowledge by consulting our online Database.

The expedition Team is composed of 6 members:

  • Two members of Zenith Adventure Media will come from Mexico (Cristobal, Benjamin) they are our Cameramen.
  • One member of Dronecam Aerials will come from Sri Lanka (Sathira) he is our Drone Operator.
  • One of our World Explorers will come from Canada (Alex or Ignacio) he is our General Facilitator. He is mobilized before the main team and is in touch with our local guide. His role is to facilitate the contact with the Flower Men tribe.
  • Our Founder will come from Australia (Morgan) he will be our Producer/Director.
  • A local guide will help us to communicate with the Tribesmen. Sarul seems to be the perfect candidate has he is the voice of the Flower men.

It is planned to start this expedition in the beginning of March 2019 mainly due to favourable weather conditions.

To understand the different parts of the project, we will provide a detailed description of the budget.

There are 4 main phases in the realisation of the documentary.

The project budget is estimated to be approximately $95 000 USD (or $128 000 AUD).

The repartition is:

  • Pre-production: 4%
  • Production: 25%
  • Post production: 64%
  • Distribution: 7%

As MTW-Project is planned to last for more than a documentary we have created a Website explaining and demonstrating our work and long terms objectives. The chart shows that it represents most of the Pre-production cost, closely followed by the Campaign Trailer.

These are communication tools related to the Documentary but also to the wider goal that represents MTW-project.

The script outline is the key of the Documentary it allows us to understand the different challenges that will need to face during the Production phase and to be better prepared for it:

  • Are Domestic travels to be considered?
  • Are there specific shots that require adapted equipment? Trainings?

Pre-Production is a good assessment of the requirements of the project in terms of Communication and Planning.

The Production contain three main parts:

  • Logistics
  • Crew
  • Equipment.

Optimised logistics will save us effort and time, being careful of every detail is our task.

There are few major points to take in consideration when organising a shooting in a foreign country. We first need to understand what the local regulations are. (Visas, Authorisations to film, Access to protected areas, Drones, Camera batteries, …). It is sometimes better to have a local contact to inform us on local processes we might not know. For this expedition we have a local person dedicated to go through all requirements and help us obtain authorisation. Indonesia is a pretty easy country in terms of filming regulations and it seems that we won’t face any major obstacle. Especially for our experienced team. We still are careful and don’t take anything for granted.

International and Domestic transports had to be organised and it isn’t difficult as we already had our road map.

This is a similar that we had to do for the Crew and the Gear. As we had defined the main types of shots we required it was relatively easy to know the labour and equipment needed. Labour itself represents more than 50% of the Production cost.