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Documentaries to develop a sustainable environment.

Off the greed - In the flower man's footsteps




Welcome to the world of tomorrow, more informed,
more balanced, more sustainable.

Our tools are clear, simple and beautiful.

We make documentaries.



MTW-Project is born from a friendship, developed through travels and is alive thanks to you.
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At MTW we want to be the bond between projects that promote diversity, protect Nature and you.

Discover how we process, clarify the information before we communicate with you.


To capture the best moments of life we travel. From our neighborhood to the opposite side of the world.

Discover how we get ready for these expeditions.

Video abstract:

The Kickstarter video is a sample of what we can produce with our international team.

The purpose of the video is to explain how human have disturbed the balance between all life forms on Earth. The question of our future on Earth is a key subject. We need to find the way to use our creations to sustain life.

At MTW-Project we believe that by restoring a healthy relationship with Nature this is one step towards this goal.

Morgan Will

Project founder


Aerial Videographer


Cameraman & post production